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Decapolis provides a platform for certification the quality of food to food producers worldwide. The mission of Decapolis is to provide guaranteed premium goods for which the end-to-end supply chain complies with strict quality control standards. Quality is guaranteed by means of an unbroken chain of tamper-proof records of quality assessment at each stage of the production and delivery processes. Using their mobile phone, the end-customer at the point of sale is able to view the provenance of the food product and certification at each stage. This will positively influence the consumer for trust in the Decapolis Certification Brand and help to make the decision to buy the premium product. Decapolis gains a competitive advantage by providing a platform for usage by food producers of high-quality, sustainable, high-value food products using an open, transparent supply chain. Decapolis takes transaction fees from producers for using the Food Guard platform and other fees from retailers at the end of the supply chain.

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We have three different technology stacks in the Decapolis Food Guard product


Blockchain un-alterable records of quality assessment on the supply chain. We create a private Blockchain with advanced “Proof of” consensus algorithms with tokens representing value.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts to allow commercial exchanges based on the quality assessments throughout the stages of production and distribution.

Trusted sensor systems

Trusted sensor systems and government test lab results are integrated into the blockchain distributed Ledger using trusted Blockchain “Oracles”. These sensors take measurements according to International food quality standards and record them securely on the blockchain.

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Abdelrahman Habashneh
CEO, Founder Business development, Agriculture & food production
Michael Motta
Systems development, CTO, Co Founder
Amal Al Sadi
Software development VP Engineering, Co Founder
Emile Cubeisy
technology, government and venture capital space advisory board member
Hani Al Nori
farming, food Production Quality manager Director
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